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Taxidermy Mounts by Reimond W Grignon
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Raccoon Mounts by Reimond Grignon

Raccoons Taxidermy by Reimond Grignon
The raccoon is probably the most well known animal in the United States. Almost every kid can recognize the animal with the black mask on its face and the rings on its tail.

If they don't see the animal in the wild, well at least they see them dead on the road. Raccoons are so abundant that large numbers of them get struck by cars on our highways. Raccoons are located in almost every part of the United States where there is suitable habitat for them.


Raccoons in a tree Taxidermy by Reimond Grignon

The average weight of an adult raccoon in the northeast will be 15 to 20 pounds with many topping the scales at 30 pounds. Raccoons in the southern states are slightly smaller as a rule.

They have wonderful fur which is very durable with dense under fur that is much sought after by the fur market. The animals stand around ten inches high at the shoulder and can measure 36 inches long total length.

Raccoons can become a nuisance. They will get into every garbage can they can find. Many homeowners to their dismay have discovered garbage all over their lawns when waking up in the morning. Raccoons are nocturnal and do most of their activities during the night.




Raccoons like to den in hollow trees where they raise their young. The mounts in the picture on the left was done to display a mother raccoon getting her baby back into its den.

The Raccoons pictured here on the left won me a first place in a National Taxidermy competition.  The little baby was so cute hanging on for dear life that everyone loved this mount.  How could you not?






Wolverine Mount by Reimond Grignon

wolverine Taxidermy by Reimond Grignon
The wolverine is the largest member of the weasel family. It has a stocky, compact body and is exceptionally strong. It has been seen picking up crates that weighted over 80 pounds! An Adult male wolverine weights in at 35 pounds.
These animals are known to get into cabins in Alaska and completely destroy everything inside. They will follow a trapper for miles destroying his sets. Wolverine fur is unique in that frost crystals do not adhere to the fur. This makes the fur highly valued as trimming around the face of the hoods of parka's and coats. The wolverine pictured above was mounted by Mr. Grignon and is in our museum. It originally came from Alaska. Maine does not have wolverines.


Pine Marten Mount by Reimond Grignon

pine martin Taxidermy by Reimond GrignonMaine does have Pine Martens. This mount by Mr. Grignon won a first place award in a world taxidermy competition. Pine Martens used to be very scarce in Maine. Now they are very common and there is an open trapping season on them. Pine martens are multicolored. Most are orange brown as pictured here but some animals are mostly gray, or brown, or even black. All are very beautiful. They are a member of the weasel family and hunt other small birds and animals.