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Taxidermy Mounts by Reimond W Grignon
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Africian Mount Pictures Mounted by Reimond Grignon

hyena Taxidermy by Reimond GrignonSpringbok Taxidermy by Reimond Grignon

The above is a Hyena and a Springbok. Below is a Dik Dik and a Warthog!

Dik Dik Taxidermy by Reimond Grignonwarthog Taxidermy by Reimond Grignon

african Taxidermy by Reimond Grignon


Below are pictures of some of African Head mounts There is a Kudu, a Hartebeest, and a Sable and an Eland.




Kudu  Taxidermy by Reimond Grignonheartebeast Taxidermy by Reimond Grignon


sable mountkudu mount

The cape buffalo is a very large African animal. It roams the plains and is complete master of its domain. No other animal will attack a full grown, healthy cape buffalo.

These animals are very dangerous and have no fear of humans. The pictures here show several mounts of buffalo done by Mr. Reimond Grignon. The picture below shows a skin just being applied to a manikin. Maine workers start young!


buffalo Taxidermy by Reimond Grignon

cape buffalo Taxidermy by Reimond Grignon