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Taxidermy Mounts by Reimond W Grignon
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Large Animals Mounted By Reimond Grignon

Leopards Taxidermy by Reimond GrignonA master of cat mounting and probably his favorite animal to mount, Mr. Reimond Grignon has become very well known for the wonderful work he does with these large animals. He has mounted many cats such as these leopards for various museums

These animals are very beautiful and endangered. They can only be taken by special permit, usually only given to museums, and then only those animals which are presenting a danger to humans.


big cats Taxidermy by Reimond Grignon

You can see by the these pictures just how expressive and life like Mr. Grignon makes these animals look. He excels in making the animals look natural and real without any of that faceless usually associated with mounted wildlife. Looking at his mounts, you would swear the animals were alive and breathing. Right down to the last whisker on their face, there are no finer mounts.



Lion Taxidermy by Reimond GrignonThese large lions were mounted for a museum. They are taken by special permit only. Lions have become so numerous in parts of Africa that it is possible to see ten or twelve lions lying on a rock with children playing near by. Many are destroyed each year by game wardens when the lions become too numerous and dangerous. These wonderful cats are very large and powerful. They could kill a human very easily. There is no such thing as a real tarzan fight, with the human walking away the winner!


ambers Lion Taxidermy by Reimond Grignon
This is a close up picture of another mount by Mr. Grignon. The detail is superb. You would expect this mount to get up and walk away at any minute it is so natural. We are talking about the lion, not the girl!

This is more of Mr. Grignon's child labor. A picture of his daughter Amber. This lion is presently still in our small museum.


This large black bear was taken in Palmyra, ME just a short distance from the taxidermy studio.  He weighted in excess of 400 pounds. The Grizzly Bear came from Alaska.

grizzle bear Taxidermy by Reimond Grignonblack bear Taxidermy by Reimond Grignon

Bear Cub Taxidermy by Reimond Grignon

This small bear cub died by getting itself entangled in trash left in the woods. Mr. Grignon decided what better way to demonstrate to children what can happen when trash is not properly disposed of than by mounting this little fellow in this pose. This little bear has been viewed by countless school children as the surrounding schools bus in children to visit our small museum. This cub bear won First Place and best of category in the Masters Division of The World Taxidermy Competition.

Sitting Bear Taxidermy by Reimond Grignon



This is a wonderful sitting bear that also took a blue ribbon in a National Taxidermy Competition.






standing black bear mount




This is another very large standing black bear mount .


The interlocked chain hanging on the wall was cut out of one piece of wood using nothing but a chain saw by Mr. Grignons father, Walter Grignon, who used to make part of his living craving chains and wood land critters with his chain saws.







standing bear Taxidermy by Reimond Grignon

Mountain Lion Taxidermy by Reimond Grignon

The mountain lion is known by over 100 different names. They are called puma, panther, painter, king cat, mountain screamer, catamount, mountain devil and many others.

These large powerful cats are over seven feet long and are the largest cats found in the United States. They usually weigh between 150 and 200 pounds, although heavier ones have been taken.



Mountain Lion Taxidermy by Reimond GrignonMountain lions like to eat meat and will kill a deer every seven to ten days. An adult mountain cannot exist on rabbits and other small game exclusively although they too will be taken when the opportunity presents itself.

Mr. Grignon likes to put as much detail into his cat mounts as possible as you can see from these photos of his mounts. The cat above shows every wrinkle in its skin, just as it would be on the live animal.

There is much debate over whether there are mountain lions in Maine. A number of them have been claimed to be seen in recent years, but the Maine Fish and Wildlife Department states there are are no such cats in Maine. Of course they said the same thing about the Canadian Lynx not being in Maine and it is now know that we have those here. In fact, several Canadian lynx have radio collars on them and are being monitored closely. As for the mountain lion in Maine, the proof has not yet presented itself. These cats like all cats are very elusive, shy animals and do not present many opportunities to be seen.