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Deer Foot Lamps for sale

Deer Foot Lamps

Beautiful Deer Foot lamps. These are nicely done with tanned feet, complete wiring and ready to be plugged in.

3 Foot Deer Lamp with No Shade $329.95
3 Scene Deer Shade $89.95

Silver Pheasant for sale

Silver Pheasant

A hard to find bird for mounting. These birds are raised for their feathers which are cropped a few at a time so as not to harm the birds. The feathers are used for tying flies amoung other things. These birds can be worth hundreds of dollars for birds that give feathers that have the perfect hackle in them. Some birds sell in the thousands. Mounted on a nice table top vase not shown here.

USA orders only.

Item # Bird36

fighting pheasants
World Taxidermy Compititon Winner - Fighting Pheasants

Feathers flying these birds fight until one gives up or dies! This beautiful mount was done by using the actural two fighting birds, missing feathers and all to make it more realistic. A wonderful mount, mounted on a beautiful old burl.

See more pictures here

USA orders only

Item # Bird46

Coyote Rug

This is a really nice coyote rug. Hand picked by me out of dozens. This coyote was taken during a cold Maine winter and has really nice fur coat - not to be confused with most other coyote rugs. The rug is lined with tan and brown felt and has a backing on the back. All of which is expertly sewn on by a professioal. This rug also has rings and it completely ready to hang on the wall. This is a really, really nice coyote rug.

coyote rug for sale

USA orders only - Price includes shipping

Item # coyote rug110