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Taxidermy Mounts by Reimond W Grignon
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Lions and ReimondThank you for visiting our taxidermy web site. We would like to invite you to view some pictures of the wonderful wildlife that Mr. Grignon has mounted over the years, some of which is located inside the wildlife museum which is located inside his shop in Palmyra, Maine.

Mr. Reimond Grignon has been doing taxidermy since he was a kid and has operated a commercial taxidermy studio since 1972.

He is a Rated Master Taxidermist and has won many awards for his taxidermy all over the United States with his work winning in both The US and World Taxidermy Competitions. He only competes in the Master Taxidermy Division of the taxidermy competitions and does taxidermy work for people from all over the world. Some of the people he has worked for are the top CEO's of many very well know big name companies. He has crated big came for shipment to people in a number of far away countries.

Please be patient with the pictures, We have tried to keep the down load time as short as possible while retaining a decent quality to these pictures.

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Much of this web site is made up of pages of mounts that are either on display in his museum or are pictures of taxidermy work that has been done for so many customers over the years. By clicking on the links below you will find the pages opening up to other pages of more wild life photos by using the links at the bottom of the pages. This makes for very simple navigation.

The first set of links below will take you to the various pages of mounts done for customers from all over the world. Some of the mounts are still in our small museum, but many other photos are of work that has been done and customers picked up.